• Here are a few of our favorite weddings. Take a minute to enjoy the videos. Don't forget that you can view them in full-screen mode by pressing the screen icon in the lower right of each video.

        Cave Mountain Brewery – Windham, NY

        One of my favorite places to visit after a long day is the Cave Mountain Brewery, a welcome addition to Windham.  Its friendly staff, great bar food and craft beer makes going there a fun night out.

        Whether you want to sample a beer or get a growler, they will take care of you with a smile.  From the menu, you have many options to choose from besides watching your favorite game.

        PS – The Hefeweizen is my potion, without the orange please!

        Cave Mountain Brewery

        1/60, f2.0, ISO 1600

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        Hull-O Farms – Durham, NY

        For those who know me well, morning photo shoots are really not my cup of tea.  Getting your gear ready the night before, waking up while it’s still dark and leaving the house hoping you remembered everything is all pretty normal.  When the shoot location is only 15 minutes from your house, that’s even better!  However when the start time is 6:30am, you have to really love what you do unless you are a farmer.

        Meeting the owner, Farmer Frank, this morning was a pleasure.  For over a decade, HULL-O FARMS Family Farm Vacations in the Northern Catskills of upstate New York has shared our family farm vacation and all-natural, farm-fresh meats and farm-fresh produce with people from around the world who want to understand and experience a part of their history.

        While photographing his property, I got the chance to capture this image with my FULJFILM FinePix X100.  We both waited for the sun to arrive while listening to the sounds of morning on a farm.  About an hour after sunrise I was able to capture the hills and valleys he calls home.  ENJOY!

        1/500, f4, ISO 320


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        Rensselaer County Democratic Headquarters – Troy, NY

        While at the Rensselaer County Democratic Headquarters in downtown Troy in the oldest building on Monument Square, I captured this image. 

        The Cannon Building was designed by Alexander Jackson Davis and built in 1835.  In 1970 it was listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  It is also a contributing property to the Central Troy Historic District, listed on the Register in 1986.

        Inside this historic building I found all kinds of beautiful architectural details. There were high ceilings, wooden bannister staircases, an old fashioned mail chute, but what really caught my interest was the original elevator and protective grid. Enjoy!

        Rensselaer County Democratic Headquarters

        1/20, f2.0, ISO 640

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        New Camera – New Project – POTD

        A few of my fellow photographers have challenged themselves to a year long project called “Photo of the Day” challenge.  The purpose of this is to push yourself to create something new every day for an entire year.  Not only do you have to take a photograph, but you have to publish it and write something about the experience.

        I really wanted to push myself so I actually got a new camera just for this challenge.  It’s a FUJIFILM FinePix X100.  For those who are interested in the camera, it’s a cool little retro camera that has exceptional image quality and is easy to carry.  Here is a link to check it out.

        Well, here is my very 1st POTD!

        During my drive home today I passed this historical drive-in movie theater.  With the leaves starting to change, I decided that this would be fitting for my 1st POTD post.  The Mountain Drive-in, closed for many years now, brings back memories of the few times I actually saw a movie while sitting in the car.  I can remember the big silver speaker that you would put in your window so you could hear the audio track.  I also remember the funny snack bar animation that played on the large screen during intermission.  Remembering a movie title or even an actor from this time period is impossible.

        Searching on the internet I found this quote, “One of the oldest New York Drive-ins, outdoor cinemas, a vintage 1948 Drive-in Movie Theatre, located in the Catskill Mountains (Greene County Catskills), on Route 296, between Hunter and Windham, NY.”


        Mountain Drive-In

        1/4000, f2.8, ISO 200

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        Dana and Brian’s Wedding at Hunter Mountain

        When I first met Dana and her mom at a little coffee shop in Albany over a year ago, I knew this wedding was going to be special.  Dana knew exactly what she wanted and wasn’t going to let me go without signing us on to photograph her wedding.  It’s such a great feeling and an honor.

        I only got the pleasure of meeting Brian during their engagement session.  Like most grooms, Brian had to do a little warming up to the idea of having his photograph taken over and over and over again.  Anyone who knows a photographer says we all have the same famous line, “just one more.”  It’s so true.  Brian eased into the situation and quickly started to have some fun.  That’s why I feel these sessions are so important.  It builds a relationship and when the wedding day comes, we ALL know what to expect.

        Dana and Brian’s wedding day had one small detail that was out of most of our control, weather.  Both dreamed of a wedding ceremony at the summit of Hunter Mountain and if it was even remotely possible, they were going for it.  From the top, you could see the storm approaching and we couldn’t stress the point enough that time was of the essence unless you wanted 120+ sopping wet guests at your reception.

        Dana and Brian danced into the night and  from the images below we sure pulled a fast one on old mother nature and beat the odds.

        Venue: Hunter Mountain – www.huntermtn.com
        Florist: Susan Johnson
        Bridal Dress: David’s Bridals – Charmeuse One-Shoulder Soft Gown
        Music: Piano Man Productions – http://www.pianomandj.com
        Cake: Apple Cider Donuts from The Catskill Mountain Country Store and Restaurant – http://www.catskillmtncountrystore.com
        1st Dance: Turning Page by Sleeping at Last


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        Kristen and Nick’s Wedding at Hunter Mountain

        What a day Kristen and Nick had.  Their planning and the weather combined for a perfect afternoon.  The ceremony was on top of a mountain with views of five states. They were two people totally in love with each other and the stage was set for a wedding to remember.

        When we caught up with the guys getting ready, it didn’t take very long to figure out that being able to tie a tie was not a skill anyone in the room possessed, except for me.  I quickly went into teaching mode and gave a tutorial on “DYI Tie Tying.”  Of course helping Kristen’s mom snug up the dress was equally as fun.  Pretty normal things we do as photographers to get the shot. Right before the ceremony, I heard many guests talk about Kristen and her ability to “be on time.”  What woman doesn’t make a grand entrance, especially on such an important day as her wedding day!

        The ceremony went off without a hitch and “I do’s” were exchanged. Kristen and Nick danced to one of my favorite songs from Adam Sandler’s The Wedding Singer, “Grow Old With You.”  The fun continued and like every reception we photograph, the time goes by way to fast. Here’s some images to remember………

        Betty Brzuchac - Very beautiful photos. So very sorry I couldn’t be there, but these photos are the next best thing. Best wishes for a long and happy life together Kristen and Nick.

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        Nidhi and Kanishk – A Special Time

        Nidhi and Kanishk are expecting the birth of their very first child.  What a special time for them as Nidhi is 8 months pregnant and looking great!  Life will change for these two as anyone with kids knows………sleep, dinner & lots of diapers!

        Not only was this special for them but also for me as they are both very close to Morgan and me.  Friends are not easy to photograph, especially when they know you and all your tricks.  I had to keep it fresh for these two…….Enjoy!!!

        Nidhi and Kanishk

        Nidhi at 8 Months

        Kriti Rastogi - Awesome pictures:) Very graceful and elegant. Both of you are looking happy and fulfilled. Marvelous pics taken by photographer.

        Archana Rastogi - Excellent photos taken by you. Very good photos from every angil and corner of photography. I’m very happy to see them.

        Kanishk Rastogi - Each image is excellent and unique. We really loved to shoot with you…had a great time, were very comfortable, and enjoyed each and every moment. Thank you for creating these ever-lasting memories of our special time.

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        Jen and Bryan’s Wedding Shootout

        If you didn’t already know, I have been teaching photography for the past two years in the Albany/Rensselaer area. I offer classes several times a month and they have been well attended. The group I belong to has well over 500 amateur and professional photographers who have a thirst for learning new techniques.

        Recently several members asked if I could host a Weddings 101 Series. Many are interested in gaining some experience shooting as well as learning the nuts and bolts of wedding photography.

        Here are a few images from my class on Sunday I was able to sneak in,  sometimes helping everyone else leaves little time for me to shoot! We shot most of the day in Washington Park, right off of New Scotland Avenue and Madison Avenue near the Park Playhouse.

        Jennifer and Bryan in a very traditional pose

        Working with some lens flare

        Later in the afternoon we got some “good light” to work with

        Bryan sporting is best GQ pose

        Capturing a special moment…….

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        Studio Shoot with Sahar

        After getting some inspiration from a colleague I invited a friend in for a portrait session.  I really wanted to try something a little different as I continue to stretch my boundaries.

        Sahar and I have worked together on several times before.  She has even modeled for me in some of my teaching classes in Albany over the past year.  Who better to try something new than someone who you are familiar with.  I asked her to wear something a little glamourous, something that flows with her.  As soon as she was ready……so was I!

        Hope you enjoy………


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        Kristen and Nick’s eSession

        What a great couple!  Unlike most, I usually meet the bride and sometimes her mom concerning photography however Nick did all the research and homework in finding us.  After speaking several times on the phone, we were so happy Nick gave us the chance to photograph their special day.  We are looking forward to their wedding at Hunter Mountain.  Here are some images during their eSession at The Summit, 3,600′ above sea level.

        Kristen and Nick

        At the 3,600′ Summit of Hunter Mountain

        Chairlift ride down from the Summit – 6 passenger!

        A location I see all the time and wished to shoot in…….finally!

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