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        Can life be any simpler – Windham, NY

        Morgan’s dog Peeps has it good, real good.  She get 2 square meals a day, time to run outside, time to play inside but most of all, time to herself.  She sleeps about 10 hours a day and gets very frustrated when we DON’T go out and leave her alone.  She likes to sleep on the couch but often gets told to go to her dog bed.  She is a rescue dog so you have to be careful around her, she doesn’t trust people or at least most people.  Here she is in her favorite position, “little ball peeps.”  ENJOY!

        Such the life!

        1/8, F2, ISO1000

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        Thiokol Spryte #23, Hunter Mountain, NY

        Being involved in the Ski Industry for as long as I have, you get to see a lot of cool things.  Grooming machines are one of the coolest machines around.  They can cost $125,000-$150,000 and most little boys only dream of owning one, or at the very least driving one.  I have had the pleasure to put in more than 20+ hours driving it around on the beginner area grooming snow for the next day.  It was such a thrill to command such horsepower.  They can pretty much run over and push whatever is in your way, whether it be a small building, a snowmaking gun or a lift tower, they pack a mighty punch.

        Photographed below is a Spryte.  This machine does not groom the snow.  It moves people around in the snow. This is the actual machine hired by ABC to cover the 1980 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid.  This 10 passenger carrier was one of nine vehicles that hauled people and cameras throughout the event.  ENJOY!

        1/25, f5.6, ISO100

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        Oct. 4 – My Special Day!

        Not sure what you do on your birthday but I have been enjoying this special day for years.  It’s the only day I will not work, shoot a wedding or take on anything stressful.  It’s a day of relaxation and pampering for me, yes ME!  This year not only did we go out for breakfast, got a hair cut (which included 2 shots of whiskey) but even when out again for a special dinner.

        Delmonico’s Italian Steak House was the place this year.  Morgan and I enjoyed a nice bottle of California Cabernet Sauvignon with some appetizers, main courses and of course toped if off with a chocolate chip cannoli, Italian style.  After dinner was complete I stopped and grabbed this image of some caricatures from The Godfather.  (From Left to Right; Al Pacino as Michael Corleone, Marlon Brando as Don Vito Corleone, James Caan as Sonny Corleone and John Cazale as Fredo Corleone.)

        Oct. 4 - My Special Day

        1/30, f2, ISO 800

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        Weather is Changing – Hunter, NY

        As I walk towards my car, I looked to the West and saw this amazing scene.  Now that I always have a camera “on the ready”, I stopped and captured this.  The sun was shining way above the dark clouds as one storm front moves out and another sets in.  Gonna be an interesting weekend on the mountain top.  Sunday they are calling for a high of 43 degrees and a low of 34.  Maybe some snow too!  ENJOY!

        Weather is Changing

        1/125, f5, ISO 100


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        Hensonville, NY – The Gem of the Catskills

        With the fall colors bursting I thought this town sign might be of interest.  Hensonville, a small town established in 1818 in Greene County with an estimated population of 305, is one of those little towns that you don’t even realize you’re in an actual town.  Most don’t even know they drive through it when they travel from Windham to Hunter.  Just drive Route 296 and when you hit the “T” next to the blinker, you are in  downtown Hensonville.  ENJOY!

        1/30, f9, ISO100


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        Summit at Hunter Mountain – Hunter, NY

        Today’s weather was all over the place.  From socked in clouds, warm sunshine to quick bolts of lighting, we had it all.  After everything finally settle in around 5pm, I quickly loaded the lift to the 3600′ summit.  In about 10 minutes, I was running towards the edge as they wanted to close the summit in 5 minutes.  I needed just one image showing the vista.  ENJOY!

        Summit at Hunter Mountain

        1/400, f16, ISO 500


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        David – Hunter Mountain, NY

        When I first starting working at Hunter Mountain in 1989 I was shooting a lot.  I was in NJ photographing weddings and spending most of my free time in the mountains snowboarding.  While at the mountain everyone I met told me I should talk to one of the owners named David.  We both shot Hasselblad and he had a problem with his.  It was a common problem and I had a special tool to fix it.  What better way to break the ice than to fix another photographers camera.

        Fast forward 23 years and you can still find David and I talking shop.  He currently is working on a book of sunrises and sunsets he captured over his lifetime.  The images are incredible and if you are close to David, he is pouring his heart into this project.

        Often when I walk by his office, he stops me and asks for a little computer help.  Here’s an image from today’s computer help session.  His smile is due to the fact that he is almost done with his book.  What an accomplishment.  ENJOY!

        David - Hunter Mountain, NY

        1/30, f4, ISO 400

        Christina Galin - I can’t wait to see the book!!! Yesterday I went to a Community Photography Workshop, consists, right now, of photography groups from Mechanicville NY all the way to Cornwall on the Hudson NY held at the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum.
        Two classes, two opportunities to do a photo shoot in the Rose Garden and take advantage of the National Parks Free day.
        On October 13th, going on a photography hike with Fran Driscoll again…
        I am really enjoying my photography and really learning alot. David knew my brother very well and I know he is ‘following my learning’ and smiling on my accomplishments. I would love to sit with both of you and learn from you….

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